Get ready for SOCKS! The Musical

Watch America’s favorite singing socks as they dance and prance their way around the stage and into your heart.

Hear socks sing songs about their relationships with other socks! Hear them discuss their interests and hobbies! Watch them try to act without mouths or eyes or any faces at all!

Get ready to hear romantic duets like “We’re Quite the Pair (of Socks)” and awe inspiring chorus numbers like “Dryer Song (Reprise)”. Plus the show-stopping torch ballad “On My Toes”.

Critics are calling it “a marvelous low-point in human achievement. But also a high point? I don’t remember. I think I fell asleep in the middle.” Roger Ebert would probably give it two thumbs up if he was a living theater critic instead of a dead film critic.

It’s action-packed, funny, heartwarming, serious, and smart! It’s great for the whole family! It’s a live stage production with only socks as cast members! It’s three and a half hours long! It’s SOCKS! The Musical

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