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Who cares what tanzanite actually is. Lookit how shhhiiinnnyyy!

So, we were going to take this opportunity to educate you about the mineral tanzanite, but then we realized that would require us to educate ourselves about the mineral tanzanite. And being that we don't even know if tanzanite could actually be classified as a mineral, or a gemstone or even just a pretty colored piece of glass, we decided to go in another direction.

And that is ... oooh, sparkly! See how it sparkles and shines in the light? Isn't it PRRREEETTTYYY? Don't you just love the oval cut and 10kt gold with rhodium plating? It's just so ... prrreeetttyyy and also so very shhhiiinnnyyy and spppaaarrrkkklllyyy.

So yeah. If you need to know more than that, just Google it and STOP HOUNDING US ALREADY. Sheesh.

For realz, though, we totally just looked it up and HOLY CRAP WE WERE RIGHT! Tanzanite is indeed a mineral. That pretty much means we're geniuses.

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10kt Gold Tanzanite Rings w/ Diamonds - Your Choice

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10kt Gold Tanzanite Rings w/ Diamonds - Your Choice
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