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How exactly does one polarize sunglasses?

I don’t know what method they use to polarize these sunglasses, but I know one way that they don’t do it:

They don’t take the sunglasses to Antarctica to put them on polar bears and then later take the sunglasses to a polar bear sanctuary in Alaska because they couldn’t find any polar bears in Antarctica. (Polar bears don’t live in Antarctica.)

They definitely don’t lie in wait under a snowbank for a polar bear to come by and then spring out of the snow and put the glasses on the bear and take a quick Instagram pic of the bear with the sunglasses on then take the sunglasses back and try to sell them with the pic as proof of where they’ve been.

That would be really dangerous and it would probably violate some federal laws.

Also, they for sure don’t put the sunglasses on penguins they happen to find and take some extra pictures just for the cuteness. That would be really bad. And not cute at all.
(It was totally cute.)

No endangered species were harmed in the making of this write up. But some may have worn some sunglasses.

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