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Formed under crushing pressures and intense heat, not stirred.

Not all Martini earrings are the same. Just so there's no confusion, we've compiled a handy cheat sheet for you.

The Dirty Martini Earring - accidentally fell into the sink drain and had to be fished out.

The Gin Martini Earring - the most toxic of all the martini earrings. Slowly poisons you as you wear them.

The Cosmo Martini Earring - whines about never finding true love then cheats on the best boyfriend in the world with a pretentious douche.

The Appletini Earring - a favorite of college girls and horny frat boys alike.

The Vesper Martini Earring - loves you and leaves you. Totally worth it.

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14K Certified Diamond Martini Studs, 0.5-2.0 CTTW

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14K Certified Diamond Martini Studs, 0.5-2.0 CTTW
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