One small step for man, one giant leap for jacket-kind.

A good idea would be a jacket that works like a mood ring and changes color according to the temperature.

That way you could use the color of the jacket to decide if you really need to be wearing it or not. So, for example, when it’s really cold out the jacket would turn green and that would mean “We are go for jackets.”

Then, when it’s hot the jacket would turn red and that would mean “Houston, we have a jacket problem.” Then when it’s an in-between temperature, the jacket would turn orange or yellow and it’d be like, “Roger that, we are preparing to jettison jackets.”

Plus the jacket could have patches on it like they give astronauts at the end of a mission! Or do they get them before the mission starts? Either way it would be pretty cool.

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Zorrel Lightweight Jackets
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