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Jinkies! That's a whole lot of mystery, Scoob!

Know what's fun about mysteries? No, not the solving them part. It's the anticipating solving them part. WHAT'S IN THE BOX? IT COULD BE ANYTHING. ANYTHING EXCEPT A BOC. THIS IS NOT A BOC. It also will not be cookies. Or a dozen puppies. Or a sexy lady inside a cake.

More than likely, however, it'll be some pretty nice jewelry. Not, like, frosting-covered tassels nice, but nice. Probably a bracelet or a pendant or some earrings. Maybe even some genuine diamond studs or Swarovski elements.

If you want to coat your bounty in sugar after you've received it, we're not going to stop you. No pesky kids to keep you from getting away with it. Just you, your jewelry, and a can of whipped topping.

What happens after that is up to you. Just as long as you understand this is not a mystery we're interested in solving.

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Mystery Jewelry - Men's or Women's (Up to 4 Items)

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Mystery Jewelry - Men's or Women's (Up to 4 Items)
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