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A pocket watch fit for a dead man...who's been brought back to life as a skeleton and elected president.

Figure 1

Use It: As an accurate and stylish timepiece during your life after death as a reanimated skeleton.

The only way to make this better would be: if there was some easier way of carrying it. Maybe it could have a little strip that attaches it to your wrist? Just a thought.

Lost in the wilderness with only this product, you could survive by: You’re a skeleton! You’re already dead, don’t worry about surviving.

At a karaoke bar, this product sings: Oingo Boingo - Dead Man’s Party

If this item were a US President, it would be: Bones M. Ossuario (historic first skeleton president, to be elected 2064, see Fig. 1)

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Akribos XXIV Skeleton Pocket Watch

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Akribos XXIV Skeleton Pocket Watch
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