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They may be called "earrings," but where you stick 'em is your business.

I never waste good earrings on my ears. When I have something special, I don't wave it around for the public to see. Take these earrings, for instance. They make nice enough accessories. But wouldn't they have much more impact tucked away for a certain someone to discover when - and more importantly, where - he leasts expects it?

Yes, they'd make quite the sparkling little surprise. An intimate secret in glittering diamond and gleaming metal. A secret shared only between us. A seductive vision to drive him mad during the long hours apart. And then, a buried treasure to rediscover. That's exactly why I had my navel pierced.

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Sterling Silver Diamond Studs, 0.5-1.5CTTW

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Sterling Silver Diamond Studs, 0.5-1.5CTTW
$94.99 In Stock Apparel & Accessories > Jewelry
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