We know it's not enough to just offer a pair of earrings.

The earrings have to DO something. That's why these studs have 14 glorious carats, and each one provides a unique benefit.

  1. Filters junk mail
  2. Assists with puppet identification
  3. Remembers all the lyrics to "Piano Man"
  4. Keeps receipts
  5. Spoons with you if you have a bad dream
  6. Prepares an excellent salad dressing
  7. Provides a name recognition mnemonic every time you meet a new person
  8. Knows the trans fat content of every food item in most major grocery retailers
  9. Gives an honest assessment of your performance every day so you can continue to improve
  10. Smells like fresh laundry all the time
  11. Specializes in political satire at dinner parties
  12. Holds the pens
  13. Curates pictures of otters and puts them on a tumblr called CaratCuratesOtters
  14. Knows the truth about you.

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14k Gold Ball Studs

14k Gold Ball Studs
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