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When these boots were welted, it was a very Goodyear.

All it takes is the right phrase to sound like an expert. Tell someone you only drink extra añejo tequila, or that a certain baseball player is "a three-true-outcomes kind of guy," or that a men's suit "really frames the face," and they probably won't ask any more questions, either because they trust your expertise or they're afraid you'd bore them.

When it comes to men's shoes, "Goodyear welt" is that phrase. All you need to know is that it separates high-quality, durable footwear from the second-rate stuff. If you're curious, Goodyear welting is a way of connecting the uppers to the soles that's more effective at keeping water out, enables easier replacing of soles, and extends the life of the shoe by decades. Goodyear-welted shoes take longer to make than more simply constructed shoes, and thus usually cost more.

But that's all just details. The point is, Goodyear welting is better, smart shoe guys know it's better, and these Golden Fox Boots have it. Think of them as the extra añejo tequila of shoes.

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Golden Fox Goodyear Welted Boots

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Golden Fox Goodyear Welted Boots
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