Today's Woot Write-up

(A Letter From Bootcamp)

Hello Mother, hello Feather
Here I am at Camp Boot Leather
Boots aren't very good for running
From a bear who wants to eat your face off.

I went swimming in the river
It was real cold, and I shivered
I put my boots on, which was a mistake
Because you're not supposed to submerge them in water.

When it got dark out, we made a fire
Our need for S'mores was very dire
The flames went crazy, so I stomped them
And now I have third-degree burns.

Buy these boots, oh dearest Wooters
Buy these boots, we'll flash our hooters
Don't make us keep writing this song ...

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Men's Vito Rossi Tex Boots, Black

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Men's Vito Rossi Tex Boots, Black
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