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Of all the legends of the flea circus, no performer’s story looms larger than that of Jimothy McBrickle.

The year was 1915. The flea circus was in its heyday and young Jimothy McBrickle was the lead performer with Daring Dr. Dodger’s Fantastic Flea Extravaganza. He astounded audiences daily with his daring feats, but still surprised everyone with the announcement that he would be performing the most dangerous circus trick known to man or flea, “Los Aros Peligrosos” or “The Dangerous Hoops.”

After being fired from a miniature cannon, Jimothy would bounce off two tiny trampolines which would each propel him through a fiery hoop. Finally, he would grab the trapeze and perform a triple aerial somersault before landing himself safely on a platform.

With the roar of the cannon, Jimothy was off. The crowd held their breath as Jimothy rocketed towards the first trampoline and let out a collective sigh as he bounced off it. Their eyes followed his upward ascent.

Jimothy locked his eyes on the first fiery hoop. He closed his eyes and felt the flames lick him. In an instant he had cleared the first hoop. The audience roared with excitement.

As quickly as he had gone up, he was on his way back down. He landed on the second trampoline and cleared the second flaming hoop successfully. He reached up to grab the trapeze bar, but his forelegs were sweaty and he started slipping. He was left hanging on with just one leg. The audience oohed.

He let his foreleg slide off the bar and propelled his body forward using all his force. He somersaulted in the air once, twice, and finally a third time. He reached out his legs for the final trapeze bar, praying that this wasn’t the end. He felt himself falling.

After what seemed like an infinity he was plucked out of the sky by fellow flea circus performer, Slick Eddie Rodgers, who was hanging from the next trapeze bar waiting to assist him. With expert precision, Eddie tossed Jimothy up towards the final platform.

Jimothy landed with a start, his body rigid, his forelegs raised above him in triumph. The audience cheered.

Now you can own a piece of Jimothy McBrickle’s astounding story with this two piece replica of the hoops he used to perform his fantastic jump on that fateful day. All existing photos of the Daring Dr. Dodger’s Fantastic Flea Extravaganza have been scoured for details and these replicas have been painstakingly crafted to ensure the highest quality and accuracy. Hoops come equipped with hanging apparatuses. Display stand and additional flea circus memorabilia sold separately.

You can also hang these from your ears.

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Sterling Silver and Diamond Hoops

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