Happy Boxers Day!

Use this: as a cool floppy hat for when you really want everyone to leave you alone in public.

Don’t use this: as a cool floppy hat to protect yourself from the rain. It’s not waterproof!

Whatever you do, don't spill: water all over the crotch of these. Everyone’s gonna think you peed your pants!

Benjamin Franklin said of this: “The man with pantaloons is a man whose hear is true!”

Left to it’s own devices, this: certainly doesn’t launder itself! You’re an adult. You have to do your own laundry.

When irradiated, this product will bite you, giving you the power of: Ohhhhhhhh I think you know. (It’s invisibility.)

The experts say: “Stop showing us your underwear! We’re dentistry experts!”

In a tell-all biography, it was revealed that this product: claims it went to an Ivy League school, when really it only has an associates degree from the local community college.

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12-Pack: Hanes Boxer Briefs

12-Pack: Hanes Boxer Briefs
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