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Woot’s Sparkly Stud Muffins
If you're like me, you want your breakfast to be just like everything else in your life: loaded. That's why I took the muffin, arguably the most milquetoast of breakfast foods (heh heh), and kicked it up a notch with the addition of some sprinkles. I mean some sparkles. I mean literal diamonds.

Muffin ingredients
14K Diamond Studs
Cleaning Supplies

1. Open the laptop and connect to the internet.
2. Search for a muffin recipe online.
3. Follow any instructions you find to make some muffins.
4. Get out your 14K diamond studs. Remove earring backs and stick earrings into muffins. The more earrings you use, the better the effect will be.
5. I guess take the earrings out if you get hungry and want to eat the muffin.
6. Also, you better clean the earrings off before you put them in your ears.
7. Go to sleep?


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