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Welcome to Woot Accessories & Watches, you sexy beasts.

by Amy Nance
Remember that time you were standing in that packed designer purse outlet, shoulder-to-shoulder with glassy-eyed, deal-crazed designer purse fangirls, inspecting a particularly good looking handbag when some psycho coupon clipper hip-checked you and snatched it right out of your hands? OPTIONAL DESCRIPTIVE TITLE FOR IMAGE

And remember how you swore you'd never step foot in a Factory Outlet Mall again, no matter how good the deals were on watches, purses, fragrances, watches, jewelry, sunglasses and also watches?

Oh how you longed for a way to score sweet deals on designer accessories and watches without the risk of mauling and cat fights.

Well long no more, my friends. Woot Accessories & Watches is here. No more pushing. No more shoving. No more holding crazies at arm's length by their foreheads while they swing at you wildly, claws drawn.

Just some good old-fashioned civilized online deals shopping. And watches. Did we mention watches? 

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