Today's Your Muk Luk-y Day

What might not be the worst idea you've ever had, however, is to blow your whole paycheck on these Muk Luk socks and flip flops! Whaddya say? Just don't wear the flip flops and the socks at the same time, or you might get fired from your job and then have no more money to buy more Muk Luks. It's a vicious circle.
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Ends on August 26 at 9AM CT

About Muk Luks

A mukluk is a thing. More specifically, a mukluk is a soft boot traditionally made of reindeer skin or sealskin that was originally worn by Arctic aboriginal people, including the Inuit and Yupik. But in this case a MUK LUK is a brand. Of mukluks. It gets kind of recursive.
Muk Luks official site