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What is Woot Accessories & Watches?

A discussion of flagship umbrellas, exclamation points, and your inner soul.

Some things you wear because you have to, either to protect yourself from the elements or to comply with community decency laws. Then there are those things you wear because you want to. Maybe they add an exclamation point to your outfit. Maybe they express your inner soul the way mere clothing cannot. Maybe they just help you carry your stuff. They're accessories, but don't underestimate them: they're essential. And they're here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accessories & Watches

What kind of accessories are we talking here?
Style accessories. Watches, obviously, but also sunglasses, bags, the occasional scarf or jewelry or turban, whatever. We don't mean videogame accessories, or lawncare accessories, or hiking accessories, or kitchen accessories. Woot has other places where you can buy those things.
Why "Accessories & Watches"? Aren't watches accessories?
Zing. You got us. We could say it's just a question of emphasis, since we'll be regularly featuring watches and we want to make extra-sure our customers know that. But that would just be an excuse to deny your semantic triumph, Master.
Will you feature men's or women's accessories?
Right now we're thinking more women's than men's. You can never quite tell in the deal biz, since our selection depends on what happens to be available for cheap. But we'll probably always have some of both.
Who, what, when, where, why, or how is "Woot"?
Woot is the flagship umbrella parent site of this and a bunch of other category/store/site-type things. Or it would be, if flagship umbrellas were capable of giving birth. Anyway, every part of Woot features new deals every day at the most insane prices on the Internet. You can get to them all from the top of this very page. We assume no responsibility for any deal addiction that may result.
I have a question about my account, or my order, or shipping, or returns, or-
Whoa. Stop right there. You want the main Woot FAQ, where we cover all of these matters in excruciating detail, with even more excruciating jokes.
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