Tap Tap Unisex Watches

They say unisex sells. Especially when it comes to watches. Bright, bold, unisexy watches. Unisexy watches with silicone parts. Unisexy watches that, when you wear them, people will be like, "Awww yeah, I gotta get me some of that action." Some of that Italian, water-resistant time-telling action. HOT.
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Ends on August 17 at 9AM CT

About Tap Tap

From the Tap Tap website: TAP TAP is more than a simple watch. TAP TAP is a fashion accessory. It makes you have a different relation with the time, “Time Therapy”, and Time is covered. Let TAP TAP become a part of your daily life. If you have it, you will be addicted to TAP TAP. That probably sounds a lot better and makes a lot more sense in Italian. Probably.
Tap Tap official site