Edgewater Mother of Pearl Bracelet & Earring Sets

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The Boy Who Cried Pearl

Everything's fine. It's just really fun to yell, "SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL!"

You know how sometimes you get it in your head that something is funny, and then you just keep repeating it over and over. Well, it's like that for me with these pearl sets.

What they are to you: a difficult choice between a 3-bracelet and 3-earring set in either grey, silver and white beads or brown, gold and white beads. What they are to me: an excuse to exclaim, "HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL!" every chance I get.

The problem with this is, every time I do so, all the townspeople come running to my rescue. And when I tell them nothing's wrong, they get really mad. I'm afraid that one of these days, I'm going to really need help, and I'm going to yell "GREAT MOTHER OF PEARL!" and no one is going to come.

Perhaps I'll come up with something different for real emergency cases. SWEET BLACKBEARD'S GHOST! HOLY JUMPING JUNIPER BERRIES! GREAT CAESAR'S DRESSING! I dunno. I'll work on that and get back to ya.

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Mother of pearl is the iridescent coating on the inside of mollusk shells. It is so named because when an irritant gets inside a shell, the shell protects itself by coating the irritant with the same material of its lining (nacre) that creates pearls (therefore, this substance is the creator, or mother, of pearls!). Nacre is composed of alternate layers of the aragonite form of calcium carbonate and conchiolin. The undulating grain of mother of pearl is the result of seasonal fluctuations in the mollusk's diet. The dark organic material is laid down during the winter months and the nacre is laid down in the warmer summer months. Most mother of pearl on the market has been bleached to achieve a brighter white. In caring for mother-of-pearl beads, be aware that alcohol will eat through the nacre, causing irreparable damage to the color and luster. 

Mother of pearl has been treasured in jewelry for many centuries. In the 1850s, immense mother-of-pearl masses, created by the continual movement of water washing and turning oysters on seabeds, began being harvested and were used extensively in Europe for buttons, knife handles and jewelry. In China, mother of pearl has been prescribed to treat heart palpitations, dizziness and high blood pressure for thousands of years. In Vietnam, it has been powdered and taken orally to improve vision and remove cataracts. Mystics believe it to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability, and help with clarity in decision making. Mother of pearl symbolizes faith, charity and innocence, and traditionally has been used to strengthen the environment and bring greater purity to the atmosphere. Among the chief sources of this gemstone are the pearl oyster, found in warm and tropical seas, chiefly in Asia; the freshwater pearl mussel, which lives in many rivers of the United States and Europe; and the abalone of California (U.S.A.), Japan and other Pacific regions. 

  • 3 bracelet and 3 earring set
  • Sterling silver earring posts and wing backs
  • Stretch bracelet - one size fits all

Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states

Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty


Metal: Sterling Silver
Pearl Size: 7.5 mm - 8 mm
Earring Closure: Post with friction back
Bracelet Size: One size fits all

In the Box:

(3) Mother of Pearl Grey, Silver and White Bead Bracelets


(3) Mother of Pearl Grey, Silver and White Earring Sets

  • Gift Box


(3) Mother of Pearl Brown, Gold and White Bead Bracelets


(3) Mother of Pearl Brown, Gold and White Earring Sets

  • Gift Box

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Mother of Pearl Bracelet & Earrings Sets
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